Down for the Count

Hello World. 
I'm pissed.

This weekend was going to be great. I am reunited with my little ones and we were going to have a blast.
I was so glad to finally be back with my lovelies, and having all that saved up energy from my vacation, - I was just going to KILL this super-mommy thing. Just NAIL it and be 

I had envisioned christmas decoration -making, a walk to the market, buying some christmas gifts and letting the girls wrap them up horribly. I was looking forward to family breakfasts, lunches and to whip up a real weekend dinner for the four of us.

Well, that didn't turn out. 

In stead of all of those wonderful tings, -I get the flu. Mhm. The bad kind too. The friggin stomach-flu. So not only did the weekend go down the crapper (literally) but I also cannot even make myself feel even slightly better and  improve my moodiness with some food. Nope. Stomach flu is Stomach flu. What goes down, must come up -or what ever they say..

TMI? -I am sorry.

No I'm not.

But on the bright side...
Oh who am I kidding. There is no bright side to the somach flu. 
But if I put my situation into perspective with, let's say, what other shit is going on in the world at the moment, -I guess I am pretty darn lucky I have the stomach flu...
It will be over in a day or two (please!) and I will survive it without any permanent damage.
It won't last for decades and scar me for life. It won't kill me, and I won't have nightmares about it  for the rest of my life (I hope). 

But right now, I willingly admit that feel like it's really going to be the end of me. Pregnancy and stomach-flu is not a top ten combo...

Stay tuned, and if you don't hear from me, you'll know what happened.


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