The Coffee Song

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Today's cup of love
I have one new years resolution this year: Find one thing I am thankful for every day. Whether it is big, small, important to all of human kind, or just me, -I will think on it, write it down, or even share it with you guys. Today I aldready found something! Dear Lord, Mother nature, Oh great Spirit, Fate, Destiny or which ever of you it is that is not on a coffee break and listening:
Today I am thankful for COFFEE.

Now, in all seriousness: I am truly grateful for this cup of coffee. God knows that the farmer who farmed the beans probably didn't get his fair share for it. (Should really try to buy more fair trade espresso..) A cup of coffee or a good cup of tea is something one might call "small things", but really people, it's not a given. Not everyone is lucky enough be able to get up in the morning, in their safe home and make them selves a cuppa in peace. And to be able to listen to Frank Sinatra while you drink it is just pure luxury. Ridiculous luxury.

What are you thankful for today?

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